March 9th report

We continue as an intelligence hub for refugees and have started an on-demand bus shuttle service to Germany, from Bucharest’s main train station (in collaboration with YVS). We are facing incredible difficulties at the Hungarian border, refugees are kept for as much as 12 hours in the bus, with no food or water, if they don’t have biometric passports (few do).

We’ve reached out to the European Commission, to Hungarian MEP’s and to Hungarian Internal Affairs with little results. The situation is then copied at the Austrian border. We are trying to get something going by plane, but it’s only tentative for now (and much more expensive).

We’ve donated to NGO’s who go into Ukraine and to those who stay here and have more experience in refugee relief. We’ve donated to Reporters Without Borders and to whoever we deem fit to receive funds in this crisis.

We’re working on delivering food to Bucharest’s largest train station and we’re planning a trip to the Republic of Moldova – both with aid and to observe best practices.

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