March 4th report

We helped a local refugee center in Bucharest with donations we received in the past days, we went out and bought a microwave oven, bedding, blankets, toys, hygiene products – and delivered them. We also helped a bit in setting up the place. We reached out to local authorities in Bucharest for better coordination between separate institutions.

We are in the process of linking donors in a chain that will provide some 5000 free meals a day, provided we get everyone actively involved. LE: didn’t work out, unfortunately.

We asked for donations to NV, an independent radio station in Ukraine. Our generation listened to Radio Free Europe, so we also sent them some money.

Our trainers in a Romanian high school in Buzau organized a show of support with kids there, they made drawings and collected their toys and we arranged for them to be sent to the border.

We constantly get requests for help and meet them, to the best of our abilities. We have one person dedicated 24/7 to networking help and donors. Her phone recently broke from all the calls, and since she likes connecting people, we might get her a Nokia 😊

We are concentrating our efforts to Bucharest now, but we are also working with friends from Canada, Poland and the Republic of Moldova for helping and connecting things. We got people from the US to Ukraine, from Ukraine to Berlin and from Romania back to Ukraine (in a fantastic story of bravery from an old patriot, who decided to return!).

We cleared our small warehouse!
… And we are extremely proud to have been featured in the media.

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