February 28th report

Starting Feb 26, we are constantly working as a small call center to connect volunteers from all over Romania (especially Isaccea Customs) with donors.

We travelled to the border at Isaccea, helped volunteers there with refugees from small things like serving
hot tea to effectively reorganizing and creating procedures for the refugee relief effort. We reached out
to authorities and reported on immediate problems facing said procedures, attempting to resolve choke

We donated hundreds of kilograms of non-perishable foods, clothing, and hygiene products. We
connected interested parties to places they could be of help without diverting funds through us. We
helped UA-RO translators with money for gas between Constanta and Isaccea. We also donated funds in
Ukraine for the planned transport of refugees.

We offered logistical support for national donors. We have arranged a small warehouse for donations in
the center of Bucharest and called on volunteers to ferry resources in and out to where they were needed.

We identified over twenty places in Bucharest for free housing and already filled a part of them. We also
created a list of restaurants in the capital where free food is offered to refugees.

We bought 1200 raincoats and medicine for refugees in Siret Customs.

We partnered with other NGO’s and volunteers on an international platform of support and intelligence
for refugee relief.

We created t.me/ivnucraina, a Telegram channel for news about the war in Ukraine.

We constantly update followers on social media on events and developments with our neighbors.

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