Curaj Inainte, roughly translated as Courage Forward (although we elected for Courage Romania), is a Romanian NGO dedicated to democratic principles and European values. We support intelligent projects, in various fields that bring Romanians closer through technology and educate on the need for freedom with the responsibilities arising from this right. We started in 2017 with the mission to unite a sprawling Romanian diaspora through common insight and information. We incorporated in 2018, and we continued to develop projects, mainly on education. We strive tobe a leader in Romanian civil society. In 2022, given our belief that freedom is indivisible, we joined the free world in offering relief and support to the embattled people of Ukraine.



  • Donor report

    Dear friends, I wanted to get in touch with you and report on what we’ve done with your donations, as well as to tell you all about our plans for the future, in this crisis. Curaj Inainte / Courage Romania is a small NGO, but we’ve proved that our reach far surpasses our immediate capacities.…

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  • March 21st Report

    While we haven’t spent all donations, we are getting close to it. Therefore, we are trying to boost our donation base and have joined Angel Protocol and Benevity, attempting to reach a global audience. Your help has been amazing – and we thank you! We will prepare a detailed report to our sponsors in the…

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  • March 13th report

    We gained access to a Romanian intelligence hub involved in refugee relief, aside from the international one we were already working on. We are hoping to better integrate information and relief, wherever needed. According to Romanian authorities (26/02-12/03), over 313,000 Ukrainians entered Romania, directly or from the Republic of Moldova, and around 263,000 exited (road,…

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Our motto (ubi libertas excidit, aedificare magis), in Latin, states that when freedom slips, we need to build better, and we have followed it as a call to our activity in Romania, in the Republic of Moldova, and now in the Ukraine.

You can read a small presentation. here.You can contact us and you can donate funds to continue our projects..

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